What's the BIG Deal About Having a 'Lil Black Dress?

It’s that time of the week...you are ready to go out with the girls or date night and it’s time to pick something to wear. Paging through the garments in your wardrobe, nothing is standing out, until you see that dress, the little black dress. 

The perfect dress that is versatile and classic, a dress that can make a statement no matter what you pair with it. A little black dress (LBD) is something every woman has or should have, that item you know when you slip it on, you are ready to walk out the door.

Don’t save your LDB just for a night out, wear it during the day or when you need that confidence boost. We love how versatile a LDB can be and how amazing it makes us feel when ever we wear it. Dress it up with those killer heels that make your legs look amazing or team with your favourite pair of sneakers & your best shades for an effortless chic casual look. 

How amazing does our mock wrap maxi dress look with a leather jacket & sneakers?  Or for a night out pair it with killer gold studded ankle boots. 

Coco Chanel had a vision of the perfect dress and that is exactly what it became - The Little Black Dress. The dress that will never go out of fashion, a timeless piece that you can wear over and over again while feeling like it is a brand new dress. Confidence is key and that is exactly what the little black dress exudes. The feeling of being indestructible, powerful & confident, all in an effortless chic way. The best thing about the LBD is it is ideal for any occasion and season.

Please share what your favourite LBD style is that makes you feel like a million rand, we would love to hear.  

If you are looking to add a LBD to your wardrobe, why not browse our online store for some beautiful effortless chic options.



Nadia & the LABEL Team

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