How NOT to be Boring with Neutral Colours

Is wearing neutral colours boring or just playing it safe?

It does not have to be either of these. We are sharing 3 tips to pull off an all neutral colour look ensuring you look effortless chic.

So what are neutral colours?

Neutrals are colours that typically don't appear on the colour wheel. The most common neutrals include black, white & grey. By adding a hint of colour hue to white, cream, camel, tan etc is created. 

Neutral colours are an essential part of a capsule wardrobe. Your basics should be in neutral, which would make it effortless to mix and match with other pieces and colours. 

Because neutrals are not "colours", but actually shades, they mostly blend well together and can effortlessly be mixed and matched. 

Following these simple 3 tips you can effortlessly mix and match neutral and even wear head to toe one colour and still look striking. 

1. Texture
Texture in neutrals is important to add interest for example wearing head to toe in one neutral, could look a bit boring. But add different textures and it could be striking! Think velvet and chiffon combo, waxed pants with chiffon....
This look is our wax coated skinny pants with metal zip detail teamed with our mock wrap chiffon blouse - both in black, but how striking!
Some other fabric inspiration for winning combo's are:
  • suede
  • leather
  • corduroy
  • velvet
  • tweed
  • fleece
  • sherpa
  • chiffon or any sheer fabric
2. Patterns
Oh we love adding patterns to neutrals, especially if the print / pattern is in a neutral colour palette too!

How stunning and effortless is this look? Black wax coated pants, teamed with an ivory T-shirt and this beautiful, soft and luxurious animal print waterfall cardigan. 
Why not try and add these patterns to your neutrals:
  • stripes
  • leopard
  • snake
  • houndstooth
  • polka dots
  • camo
  • floral
3. With Statement Accessories
Statement accessories can range from a printed scarf, stunning handbag, chunky jewellery or some textured or colourful shoes. 

We love how these Burgundy velvet boots of sets our mock wrap dress in black. A fabulous look for day or night!
Play and have fun with styling neutrals!

Let us know how you style your favourite neutral piece or even a head to toe neutral colour look. 
xx Nadia & the LABEL Team



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