Using Accessories to Transform Your Look

Elevating an outfit from great to AMAZING can be done effortlessly by adding the right accessories, such as jewellery, shoes, a belt, the new “It” bag or even a hat. Everyone has a personal preference to what they enjoy wearing. Some people enjoy a more minimalist, simple look with a plain belt or scarf, while others prefer a more bold look, such as layered necklaces, a colourful belt and don't forget about the hat.

A Scarf

If it's a chunky knit or soft pashmina, scarves can make such a difference to your outfit and your mood. On a chilly Winter’s day, the feeling of being cozy, comfortable, beautiful and looking effortless chic can all be achieved by simply adding a chunky scarf or a warm colour scarf wrapped around your neck. Add a splash of colour with a printed scarf or bold plain colour scarf to a single colour outfit for a striking look. Scarves are versatile too, not just to wear around your neck. Try wearing it as a belt, threaded through your belt loops and tied. We love using it to hide our elastic bands when sporting a ponytail. A new trick we’ve learnt is to tie it to our favourite handbag for a trendy update.  So pick your favourite scarf and be creative with the styling. 

Black dress with scarf

A Hat 

Hats are worn not just in the summer but as well in the winter. It’s the easiest and most simple way of adding that little something extra to your look. Adding a hat is a great alternative when you don’t feel like wearing jewellery but adding something to your outfit. 

We love sporting a hat on a bad hair day! 

A Belt 

A woman's belt is the perfect accessory to complete and complement a look. A belt can be a great accessory to emphasize a body type, shorten an item of clothing or add texture to an outfit. All of these ways transform a boring outfit to a fantastic outfit with just a simple belt. 

Pick accessories that you are comfortable with, perhaps something bold or  a little more simple, it will effortlessly complete any look and outfit.  Don’t be afraid to be bold and adventurous, enjoy being daring and make a statement. Remember getting dressed should be fun, have fun and play around with accessories. 

Please share your favourite accessories with us and let us know how you like wearing it in the comments below. 



Nadia & the LABEL Team

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