Three Trends To Watch In Ladies Fashion This Spring

Spring is around the corner with Spring Day only a few days away on 01 September 2021. It may not feel like it but seasons are changing and so is what we're expecting to see happen in the fashion trends in South Africa. Here is what you can expect to see this spring:


Bright Colours And Hues

The latest trends for spring, as usual, appear through a lens of bright, joyful, colourful props added to collections, bringing summer optimism and fun, comfortable styles. Sunny yellow, bubblegum pink and vivid greens are all on display in the latest collections.


Fringes and DIY type knitwear elements

We are seeing knitwear, prints and other patterns everywhere with creativity being a very big part of this season's style with an almost DIY type finish which add additional creativity and playful effect to already fabulous pieces. Colourful knitwear also shows its face here with bright playful colours available in many pieces. There is a mix of unexpected fabrics with details like fringes, hand-painted, hand-crafted or custom-made finishes which promotes upcycling and natural fibres, all challenging the imagination.

Lounge wear

Loungewear seems to be a trend. It has been for a while and seems it is going to carry on in that vain for quite a while. It may not be the everyday outfit of choice anymore, but with a touch of sunny, bright colour and different shades of warmth, this trend is sticking around. Sustainability is also playing a big role in this trend with designers opting for more sustainable materials. With loungewear, comfort remains the main focus but is also mixed with style and beauty, which comes in a variety of cuts that can be worn both in and out of the comfort of your home.


Active wear

Much like loungewear, activewear is a big part of many ladies' wardrobes. This wardrobe item has been updated with sculptural details and statement pieces that will turn heads or attract the attention of those who have an eye for the finer details in life. The update to this piece brings an addition of playful, fun, neon colours and details that create futuristic, tech-inspired pieces. This style-item is always defined by its comfort and versatility and its use of fabric which is a massive shift in the industry, by dipping its toes into the waters, so to speak, of sustainability. 

 midriff tops


"Bare all" silhouettes have been everywhere this year and the key way to wear them into 2022 is with an exposed midriff. Super cropped tops or a draped piece that show a hint of skin, you simply can't go wrong. Many different styles of pieces incorporated this feature. This season has many fun elements to dive into and set your inner playful artist free whilst at the same time not completely forgetting about the beauty we find in simple and classic looks.

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