Three Reasons You Should Shop Local Brands & Boutique Stores Online Instead Of Big Retail

Shopping fashion, one of a ladies favourite pastimes. When you think of shopping fashion even when its online, you generally think of all the usual well-known retail stores like Zara, H&M, Country Roads & Trenery. It is likely that you have never even thought of shopping at the smaller local boutiques or searching online for local brands like Label Collections.

While the big retail brands offer great prices and the latest styles that everyone is wearing, there are tons of reasons why you should consider trying to shop local brands or boutique. We’ve listed three of the main reasons to shop local brands and boutiques online.

What are local brands and what are boutiques, you wonder?

Local brands like Label Collections are generally online stores that ship nationally as well as supply to boutique stores, and produce and stock a limited quantity of custom-designed items. 

Boutique shops on the other hand are usually the smaller more specialised stores that stock a variety of collections from different local brands, among other smaller international brands

The difference between local brands and boutiques are that boutiques stock a hand-picked selection from local brand collections every season whereas a local brand store provides consumers with the option to see the full range for those collections that they feel suits their style. 

When you support a local brand, you are supporting a company that often opt for sourcing fabric locally, and will benefit the local community through helping to create jobs, and support positive social, cultural and environmental shifts. 

Why Shop At Local Brands And Boutiques Online? 

Unique, Quality Styles

If you knew what a local brand and boutique was and skipped over the section above, you probably already know this but, when you shop at a local brand store or boutique, you get hand-picked products that are higher quality and unique to that brand or store. When you shop at a big retail store, you’re buying styles that people across the country are also wearing. Local brands and boutiques offer you the unique, quality clothing selection that allows your style to stand out above the crowd whether you’re wearing it out to work or to an event. 

You can shop from stores anywhere in the country, or the world

When you were walking down the isles of your local mall in Cape Town, you were limited to the shops in the mall, and to shop at different boutiques you would be doing a drive through the various suburbs to find an item you’re looking for.

With local brand and boutique shopping, you can shop at any store in your town, city, country, or even across the world with a click of a button, meaning you can find the item you’re looking for with less hassle. Online shopping provides consumers with an easy way to quickly find the items they like and seamlessly order their items which can often be received the same or next-day, making it effortless. With an online boutique, consumers can enjoy browsing through a wider selection of items than would normally be available to choose from in-store.

The benefit of shopping a local brand is that you have access to the full selection of items that suits your style. If you find a brand that works with your look, you can shop their entire range online and find perfectly matching items of the same quality in one place rather than wasting time shopping around to try and find something that goes with that new dress you bought. 

Supporting small businesses

When something like the COVID-19 pandemic hits, everyone suffers but the small business owner’s take the hardest knock. When you support a local brand or boutique, you are supporting a person who is passionate about what they do, who has a story to tell and isn’t operating their business for mass profits but instead has geared their passion to provide an income for their household. When you choose to shop local brands or boutiques online, this is who you’re supporting.

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