Seasons Come & Go But Great Fashion Remains

Fashion has gone through many seasonal changes, starting out with two collections for the hotter months of spring and summer and the cooler months of autumn and winter.  In later years it has shifted into four seasonal collections to the newest fast-fashion trend that sees new collections on the retail floor every week. 

If we were to change fast-fashion trends, how would that affect the environment? How would it affect the quality of the clothing we purchase?  What about our ability to define our own unique styles? After all, what is wrong with coupling last season’s dress with this season’s coat for instance?

Why take the seasonless approach? 

Higher quality, better-fitting fashionwear

When brands are pushing out double to triple digits in new designs every few months or less, it leaves room for designers to include styles that they are not completely happy with just in order to hit their minimum number targets and tight deadlines . With the seasonless approach designers are able to go through the full process of designing, testing, fitting and developing the final pattern. This means that there is much more effort put into these designs, offering wearers a better fit design of higher quality.

Reducing impulsive purchases

A seasonless collection allows consumers to have more time to make their fashion choices, to ensure that what they are buying will really be worn and is actually a good buy rather than being in a rush to purchase what might only be available for a short while, but at the end of the day never or rarely gets worn. 

Develop your unique style

Its easy to build an “in-style” wardrobe by keeping up with the latest retail trends but this will ultimately cost you a lot of money, and you’ll be wearing the same clothes as everyone else. With seasonless fashion, consumers can focus on the styles of clothes they love - their unique style - rather than being pressured into keeping their wardrobe up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. 

Stop the over-production, stop the waste 

The brands that push out the large number of designs in short periods of time tend to put a lot of pressure on factories to produce these designs resulting in tons of overtime to get the garments ready for the next release with quieter periods before the next release’s production ramps up. In addition, pre-consumer or production waste takes up a large portion of textile waste. By evolving from fast-paced fashion to seasonless, there will be less pressure on factories and factory-workers with more continuous production and less textile waste because fabric can continue to be used in future productions, instead of being “last season’s fabric”.

Label Collections does offer seasonal wear, however, we are firm believers in high-quality, exclusive garments and our garments are made in such a way that last season’s collection and this season’s collection can work seamlessly together allowing consumers to build their own style and purchase quality ladies fashion over bulk-produced, below quality on-trend designs. We stay true to our slogan; effortless chic, timeless fashion created for longevity not landfill.

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